Thursday, July 5, 2007


Yankee game and then down to the fireworks. Mom had fun!

On our way to fireworks we found an R2-D2 mailbox (one of about 50 in the country) and we stopped by the globe from the World Trade Center and the eternal flame.

We were told fireworks were cool over the Statue of Liberty so we headed that way. Upon arrival, we found that they were cool over the Statue, if you were in a ferry. Fat chance for us! So we were told to go up on the FDR. So we embarked on a trek, to a massive highway that the city shuts down just for firework spectators. This was no easy task with strollers, kids, backpacks, ponchos, umbrellas, snacks, blankets, and a drunk friend. The kitchen sink was a party pooper! But, we made it and got a pretty good spot too. Right near the Brooklyn Bridge and the Maceys ferry.

Then came the rain. It down poured. Luckily I was prepared (Sometimes I get flack for bringing too much "junk")we had ponchos and umbrellas. We were good for the 2 hours in the rain waiting for the show to start. The rain did let up for the fireworks though and they were amazing! Even the reflection in the building behind us was cool!

Then it was time to make the hike back to the car. There were huge crowds and loaded subways full of soaking wet, stinky, inebriated people. But our sleeping kids and soaked, dirty, stinky, freeway yuck covered blanket and all made it back to the car safe and sound. What an adventure!!

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