Sunday, May 20, 2007


So I was doing stuff around the house, minding my own business, Jon was at work, when suddenly it gets really dark outside and there is this massive gust of wind and the power goes out. I didn't think too much about it, sometimes that just happens. And it was light outside about 4:30 or so. So, around 6 Jon comes home, walking, I think something has happened to the car, but he in forms me that a tree has come down across the road along with a transformer, and a power line on the other side, so there is no way to get the car in to the house. Shocked, We start figuring out what to do, this doesn't seem like a quick fix. Luckily The car was out, so we were able to get supplies and pick mom up from the train, which was another mess, because trees had fallen on the tracks too. It took me a while to track her down at a different stop with massive amount of people trying to walk home, we ended up taking a couple home, way up in Bedford Hills. We had to get a cooler for select stuff in the fridge, and lots of flash lights. The next morning we still had no electricity and along with that, no water, because we are on a well, and the pump runs on electricity. Thank you so much to Betsy and the Ricks family for opening their home to our family so we could shower and waste some time in a house with electricity. So it ended up taking them another while and it wasn't until after midnight that night that they were able to get the power back on. Yet another adventure, to remember!

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