Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We really missed our favorite pumpkin patch last year. We love this one so much, there's so much for the kids to do.First you walk through all the harvested pumpkins of various sizes. Including Mondo-Jumbo-Gargantuan Pumpkins,

Then we walk down a little path in between the green houses, where there are cute little bunnies, on the way to the corn maze. In the corn maze there are little puzzles and riddles for the kids to solve along the way and this year we had to find 3 hidden characters for a little prize at the end of the maze.



After finding our way out of the maze we made our way through the rest of the crops including a squash tunnel.

After the crops are the animals, and wooden play forts. There are goats, turkeys, more bunnies, chickens, doves, and other various birds. After running through all the forts, climbing up and over other wooden structures and bugging the animals as the eat their dinner,

We move on to the Air Jumping area. They have three huge slides and a jump fort. Fortunately for us we came at close to closing time so there weren't very many kids! So Lex even got to climb the big slides. And, there happened to be a little stray kitty that they said had been hanging around and they had been feeding. It was so cute and friendly,it loved the girls. And a black cat at that which made it really festive!

We didn't get to jump too long because it was so close to close, so we moved on to the Haunted Barn, Fun and not too scary for the kids. There is another play area right outside the barn to that we usually play at, but we didn't want to make them have to force us out, so we called it a day. But we had to grab a few pumpkins on the way out.

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