Sunday, October 28, 2007


Every year the National PTA puts on a program called Reflections. The kids are given a topic and they can submit entries in categories like, photography, film, music, dance, literature,3-D art, and paint. They are then judged according to their grade, and compete in the school level, then the winners go on to city level, and then I think it goes to state and then finally to the national level. This year the topic was; "I can make a difference by..." We were up near the temple the other day near sunset and it was just so beautiful that Evey decided that she wanted to take a picture of it and submit it in to the competition. So we had to go back the next day with the camera and try to time it just right so we could catch it again. She actually did a pretty good job.

She had to write a little paragraph about what her entry had to do with the topic. She wrote that the temple reminds her that she can make a difference by being a good example to those around her and especially to her dad, so he can be baptized and we can all go to the temple together. She also made a little clay person looking through a telescope.

She wrote that she can make a difference by studying science and helping teach the world about science. And, she wanted to submit her video she made last year about Orangutans.

We had to call and make sure this was a legal entry, because it was done last May and Jon and I helped her with it. They said to go ahead and enter it. So she wrote that she can make a difference by making others aware of endangered species and what people can do to help save those animals. We'll see how she does!

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