Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Tree

We had to break tradition this year. We have always waited in line in Heber at the Butt crack of dawn to get one of about 200 tree cutting permits and then made it a huge adventurous day finding and cutting our christmas tree. Well this year I wasn't able to go get the permit, so our tree cutting dreams were crushed! But we have to have a fresh tree so Kurt found us a great tree lot with big beautiful trees from Oregon. We found a perfectly shaped, full, yummy smelling tree, and knew it was meant to be in our house. Paris was very into the whole process. She was right there in the decision and then to help with every part of the set up. She loved putting on all of the ornaments. And this year everyone had to take a turn putting the star on the tree. I usually ban Jon's Star Wars ornaments, but with such a full tree he was able to put them on and they didn't distract from the beauty of it. I love Christmas time. I love to decorate the house, listen to the music, play carols on the piano, and to remember the birth of our Savior.

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