Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Suprise

We had planned on going to Colorado the day after Christmas. Well Kami and Josh decided to surprise Mom and go a few days early. So, we decided to follow suit. But, we didn't tell anyone. We drove all Christmas Eve and even had phone conversations with the fam from stops along the way, claiming we were out doing some last minute shopping. When we arrived at dads house at about 8:00 pm, no one was home. Perfect! We went inside and Jon parked the car down the street so it wasn't in the driveway when they pulled up. We had to wait a bit, all the while in the dark and trying not to make too much commotion incase they pulled up. When they finally did pull up we sat under the tree and as they all came in and turned on the lights, they had a big surprise. It was so worth lugging all the presents and driving on Christmas Eve. Santa even brought gifts to Papa's house. It was great to be all together for Christmas.

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