Saturday, March 22, 2008


We took the kids to the annual Easter Egg hunt a Mt. View HS, before soccer games this morning. There are always tons of kids and crazy parents. This year Evey was on a different field because she's older, so of course I don't have pics of her. But Paris and Lex had fun, they were too nice to the other bratty parents, so they didn't get very many eggs. It is pure madness out there, they try to make the parents stay off the field and tell them not to touch the eggs. But of course parents claim their little kid can get any if they don't help, so they start swiping and they kids who really are doing it on their own, don't get very much. Then there are the mean rotten kids, need I say more. I ask myself why we do this every year, then I have to take a breath and realize the kids are just having fun and it's become a tradition, so I just have to grin and bare it. I can wait until the two little ones can go up on the big field, They are sticklers about parents on the field up there.

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