Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pioneer Legacy

The owner of Evey and Paris' dance studio is an amazing woman. She told me the story of how since she was young she wanted to write and preform a ballet about the Mormon pioneers and their trek. She found a woman who's story she loved and she wrote a ballet and later a book. Her husband wrote beautiful music for this ballet and they used the dancers in they're company to share this beautiful work of art with the world. They have even taken the show to Moscow, Russia. This year Evey was asked to be a spot lighted dancer in a song about the children who died along the way. I cry every time I even think about it. Paris was part of a family who boards a ship from England and crosses the ocean to New York and then makes the trek to Utah. She absolutely loved being in this show and cried on the last night when we had to give her cut dress back and she had to say good-bye to her family. Evey danced incredibly and maybe next year I 'll be on the ball and get her to the try outs for a lead character. I even sewed 8 dresses for the children of light. It was quite an ordeal for about 4 weeks with all the classes (4 days a week for 3 1/2 hours collectively) and then rehearsals and sewing. But well worth it. The story is so moving and you can just feel the spirit through out the entire outdoor pageant.

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