Monday, October 20, 2008

Creative Cupcakes

A tasty new idea for this year, and more reason to get our creative juices flowing. We loaded up on un-needed candy to decorate cupcakes, with anything Halloweenie. The kids had a blast, but I think Kurt and Jon had the most fun! They boys were non-stop cupcake decorators, they'd have made Martha Stewart proud. Kurt created a lady bug, a spider, a grave yard, a guy stirring a cauldron, and the sword in the stone. Jon made a bat, a skeleton, a monster sea creature, and Stonehenge, along with Lex and Paris' caterpillars. 
 Evey had some great ideas, including a pumpkin, a graveyard, and a witch,  and Paris spent most of the time worring the the little butterfly I made her didn't have eyes and a mouth. We had to add brown eyes on the butterfly so that she and it would "have the same eyes"  I made a ghost, a little flying bug and the Beetlejuice snake thing. Lex just wanted to eat everything. And after daddy made him a catterpillar, he was content eating each little piece. We ended up with some pretty cute cupcakes. We'll do cookies next week. 

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