Sunday, October 26, 2008


Here are a few of the things I did on Saturday to distract me from sewing. 
*7:00-8:30 am - Steak Choir Practice
*8:00-10:00 - Volleyball(I was late)
*10-10:20 - Think to myself " I need to be sewing"
*10:30-12:30 - Family outing to get necessities, baby gift and fall flowers and bulbs
*1:00-1:30 - A sweet lady I visit teach's baby shower. I built her a hamburger out of outfits. This was poking fun at her and her husband's name choices, which I will not reveal.
*1:30-4:30 - Lay that black "no weeds" paper, plant pansies and bulbs.
*4:30-5:00 - Get Jon off to work, pay a tiny bit of attention to my children.
*5:00 - Finally start Lex's costume
*6:00 - Ward Party
*8:00 - Bathe Hulk, and make the cheerleader get in the shower for church tomorrow.
*9??? - Put the kids in bed, plop on the couch, think "hmmm, I should start the other costumes....nah, I got the whole week.", watch my recorded tv shows til Jon gets home.
Phew! What a day!

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