Thursday, October 23, 2008


We took our annual trip to Pimpkinland and apparently I wasn't a very good mom, I didn't bring jackets. The kids were cold at first. Chattering teeth and all. Paris and Lex look miserable!

They got better quickly and I didn't feel so bad. What cute little pumpkins! Who carved those cute faces? Give them a medal!

One of Lex's favorite things, a train went by, too bad we weren't a little closer. There is a path right over there super close to the tracks.
"Come on mom, lets got o the corn maze!"
Little pumpkins all in a row following the big daddy Jack-o-lantern

"Wait for me, Paris and Evey!"

This years puzzle, find the hidden room with a witch and a secret word, tell the cashier the password and get a little prize.
Evey took the lead.
I was the caboose. I love the mountains in the background.


Found her! 

"Hmmm, now how do we get out of here"
"Dis way, mommy"
We enjoyed the dried plant life along the way

These are my favorite, hanging all over.

"Animals, YAY!"

This cutie hairy "funny" had baby "funnies"
but they were snuggled in so well I couldn't
get a very good picture.

There were tons of these cute little mice, munchin' away at the food in the bird cages. I got a little obsessed and missed some of the action outside.

Missed action: Paris getting her finger attacked by a killer chicken. I think her feelings were hurt more. How could the animals she loves and trusts so much be so wicked. No one pecks Paris!
It's only a flesh wound! Can you see it? Me neither!
Here's the wicked chicken. It does look pretty vicious!

Forget the animals , lets go play on the jumpy things!

Evey's such a good big sister.


"I'm OKAY!"

Paris needed some help at first, the
first attempt didn't work so well.   
New strategy.

Jon and I just got too sit back and watch them go. There weren't too many other kids and our kids are big enough now to do most of it by themselves. It was quite enjoyable. So Jon had to start some mischief. When the girls would come back to start up the slide he'd run over and grab them and shove them in the spaces of the slide entrance. It took me a couple times to catch him in the act.  Paris got a bit angry, but Evey would just scream and laugh. He's such a funny guy! 

"(BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM) No Daddy it might bite you!"
They were truly frightened he was going to get his finger bitten off. They were screaming so loud, it's amazing not one came running to see what was wrong. And of course, Jon had to pick on them and kept pretending to stick his finger in.

She pretended to be upset, but they get
teased so much, they think it's funny too.

Next months Dinner!! MMM, I can't wait!

"Haunted lights" 

Evey and I liked this one's huge stem.

"(whisper) The password is.....Frankenstein"

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