Saturday, October 25, 2008


Evey was excited for reflections this year, she had a lot of things she wanted to do. The theme this year is"WOW." She wanted to choreograph a dance, take a picture, make a clay figure, and write a poem.  She started her dance way ahead of time and was doing such a great job with it.  She also started her clay guy a few weeks ahead too. She wanted to make a Pharaoh, and call him phar"wow". She made him at the same time that she and Jon were making the iCar. He looked pretty good! Well the weeks went by, and she worked on her dance every now and then, and I was even asked to be a member of the Reflections committee. We made some posters and did class presentations and I even headed up the singing announcements for the week all the projects were due, all the while reminding Evey that she needed to do her projects. I guess my procrastination has been passed down and it wasn't until Thursday night that she decided to get all her projects in order. Her Pharaoh, who had been sitting out to dry for 3 weeks, and who we realized later wasn't a Pharaoh, but a Mayan guy, wasn't dry. The package that the clay came in didn't have any instructions on how to dry the clay, so we thought lets stick him in the oven for a few minutes. This was after she fixed his head piece, so he was now a phar"wow". Big OOPS! Phar-melted! So she did a quick remake with goofy colors, wrote a poem, and took some pictures. Her dance didn't get finished and recorded, but she was okay with that. So Friday morning, I went to help accept all the projects and sort them. The three categories that she picked were the most entered. Had she put her priority in dance she would have been guaranteed advancement to the city level, because there was only one other entry in dance. OOPS again. But she had fun rushing her stuff and hopefully she does well. Lesson learned, I hope.

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