Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Kurt, Jon and I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert this year, a tradition we missed last year. If you have never seen them in concert I highly recommend it. It is an amazing show and fantastic music. 
                                        Not only is the music amazing the story that is told is truly moving. They have played Christmas Eve and Other Stories every time we have seen them and it never ceases to make me cry!

Okay...It starts off a dark stage.... and then... a beam of light, and we see me and my guitar....

no wait, just kidding.
The first song was a new one, I don't even know the title, but it was really cool.
Then a grand entrance..... From the celling of course. The narrator started to tell the story...Then he snapped his fingers and a huge curtain of "stars" lit up behind the stage. It was awesome, but, I unfortunately didn't get a great pic of that.
An Angel Came Down
First Snow
(the snow is a little hard to see, but it was very cool)
The Silent Nutcracker
Lights, also amazing!
Mad Russian's Christmas
(This is our kids favorite song)
All of the contraptions hanging from the celling were constantly moving and changing shape like a kaleidoscope along with huge screens flanking the stage on both sides also changing constantly keeping with the effect.
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo
Good King Joy
Apparently they're pyrotechnics are better than those of U2 and other huge bands. My pics don't do the fire power justice!
This is Tommy Farese, better known to our family as Al Pacino. I love his voice.
Old City Bar
CAUTION: Leaking Eyes may be present.
An Angel Returned
I like to recreate the singers moves every time I hear this song!
When the story was over, they introduced the band. This is Jane Mangini, one of the best pianist in the world...seriously! She's amazing, they also have another guy on keyboards, he is amazing too. They do the battle of the keyboards and talk about pyrotechnics... they were on fire!
Salt Lake's own strings!
Al Pitrelli the Musical Director and guitarist. Apparently he busted his knee during rehearsal  so he sat the whole show, but he never missed a note.
After introductions, they played a mix of songs from their other albums. 
Christie George (Queen of the Winter Night) sings amazing soprano... while head banging!
This is not a great pic, but the girls all flip their hair in time when ever they're singing together. It's great!
More fire ...
and Hydraulics!
The finale had so much Fire power we could feel the heat at the back of the stadium! I can't imagine being on stage, I'm surprised they aren't burnt crispy!

After the show they do a "meet the fans" after party where all are invited to stick around and meet the band. We were lucky the signing tables were right outside our portal and we were maybe 10th in line, but they didn't allow cameras, Boo. We added to our collection of signed memorabilia, another ornament 
and I brought my piano music and had them sign it. 
Kurt decided again to take off his shirt and have them sign it. He's so funny, the band always seems to love him. The girls are googley and "Al Pacino" even gave him a pre show pass for next year. Jon didn't get a hug from the hot violinist this year (sniffle , sniffle), mainly because she wasn't there, there was a new girl. But he did get a lot of attention because he had a "special pen for his special ornament" I'm always just shuffled along with the rest of the crowd, "Hi, did you have a good time?" "yeah! Great show!" We love this tradition and plan to take Evey next year. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the LPod to switch songs and hear more TSO. Here's the rest of my pics from the show. TSO pics

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