Monday, January 12, 2009

Never Ending Snow-y ...and the life of a snowman

When I was growing up, my we'd tie a rope to the hitch of my dad's truck and he'd pull us in our sleds, similar to water skiing, we called it "skitching" . We'd go so fast, and he'd weave around and we'd hold on for dear life while the truck kicked snow up in to our faces. It was way better than having to climb a big hill for a 10 second ride. We continued this tradition in high school and with a teenager behind the wheel. I'm surprised we lived through some of those adventures! (shh, don't tell mom!) Since we've had so much snow already this year, more than WP if you can believe it, the kids have loved playing in it as much as possible. 
Evey and the neighborhood girls figured out a way to do a city-fied much safer version of skitching, but still fun they say. 

When the city plows go through they leave a huge ridge in front of the driveways, as you all know. But some wonderful person with a BobCat  (thank you whoever you are!) has come through a few times and plowed the ridges in to big piles in between the driveways. This created the perfect little sledding hill for the kids and along with the snowpack on the roads, they got some pretty good distance. This pic is of Evey (pink coat) she would get a running start and just slide on the road(she is on a little sled).
They'd slide on the road and down the little hill on their knees,  Evey biffed it a couple times, and ended up with some road rash, a very attractive war wound.

Daddy built most of our snowman.

Then the kids game him a face and a name... wait that was never agreed upon

We had a happy snowman...

Then the sun came out...and he got sad


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Jessica Kolb Munk said...

That snowman was sooo funny to look at over the last few days!!