Monday, August 10, 2009


Baby Update: Baby's heart rate a strong 140, growing nicely. We find out next month if it's a boy or a girl. I'm feeling a little better. I have more energy, but still sick often. Weight loss so far 19.5 lbs.  The kids are getting really excited. We made a chain counting down days to baby, including lots of holidays and birthdays. It stretched all the way across the kitchen and dining room. Lots of sleeps. But they make sure to kiss my belly often, and Paris has been wanting to sing to my belly recently. So Sweet!

Evey and Paris had their summer dance intensive during July, ending in the yearly performance of Pioneer Legacy. Evey tried out for a part in the "main family" and was given the role as Desdemona along with her good friend, they would switch off playing her throughout the 6 performances including 3 in Green River, WY. But, because they cast at the last minute (2 days before leaving for WY) they decided to cut it to one cast and since Evey's friend had done it in the past, they gave it to her and poor Evey had to go back to being just a dancer. She was such a good sport about it (she had been so excited) She handled it better than I did! Jon was really upset, why didn't they decide on the one cast before telling Evey she had the part. But the girls still danced beautifully and Evey is looking forward to company tryouts Saturday.

Paris has had 2 loose teeth for a while now and the other day we noticed her big tooth already trying to grow up under the little tooth. So she let me tug on it a bit, but not to much. We were trying to get it out before they went to bed, but she wanted me to stop, even though it meant the tooth fairy wouldn't visit her that night. When she woke up in the morning it just fell right out. She was so excited and kept getting the tooth to carry around, we were worried she was going to loose it and then the tooth fairy wouldn't come, but she managed to keep it and got a dollar for it. She was so excited to show everyone her space. We expect the other one to fall out any day now, we can see that big tooth coming up too.

Jon has been jogging on the river trail lately, pumping iorn and eating like a rabbit (lots of veggies) He's lost quite a bit of weight, I'm proud of him!  Mom and Evey have been riding their bikes along the river too.  They pass by some horses everyday and have been taking apples for them. On Saturday the little colt was really close to the fence and so they came home and told us and we all went on an outing to feed the horses.


Here's a before and after of the side of the yard that we cleared for a garden and grass. It looks so much better!

And we have been enjoying the yummy-ness of homegrown fruits and veggies.

We finally made time to go to the zoo. We had a ton of fun!

Our kids seemed to be accepted by the monkeys. We always had a feeling they escaped from the zoo!

There were quite a few baby animals we got to see. There was a baby elephant due right around the time we were there. We didn't even get to see the prego mommy and wondered if she might have been having the baby while we were there. I guess we'll see if it's on the news.

Paris was one of our navigators.

Lex wanted me to know he wasn't scared of the big rhino statue.

The kids had fun pointing out the different animals from Madagasgar. King Julien was a bit camera shy, so I didn't get a great picture of him.  Gloria AND Alex were AWAL. But here is Marty. And Melman is coming up... 

A quick water break from our favorite mouthy lion. Ooo, we should have called him Alex.

While gawking at the beautiful Red Panda, Evey dropped her map down into the habitat.  I'm sure things get dropped all the time and the panda will not be harmed at all, but we joked with Evey that she killed the panda and it is no longer the Red Panda it is now the Dead Panda.

 The Panda Killer,         Her weapon,            and the poor defenseless Dead Panda.

Here's Melman, Evey liked him because he was picking his nose with his tongue.

This was our favorite animal! He, or she is only 5 days old. The most adorable little thing!!

A little grooming,
and dinner.  Too cute!

Big cats are Jon's favorite. 

Especially baby big cats

We finished off our zoo adventure with a ride on the carousel...

...and some ice cream, yum!

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