Monday, January 4, 2010

We Wish you A Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve was actually quite relaxing this year!
I did have a few last minute items to run out and grab,
but after that, we just kind of chilled out. We wrapped
presents and watched Christmas movies and waited for
Grammy and Kurt to come over. Mom prepared our
traditional Mexican meal, of Tamales and tacos, yummy!!

Then we decorated cookies for Santa and Mrs Clause.

Then of course we played our pipe chimes. The kids are
getting so good at them. Paris plays completely on her
own, she can watch the music and know where we are
and when it is her time to play. We had to tell Lex when
it was his turn, but he was always ready so we'd just point
at him and he play his part. So fun!!

Multi-purpose chimes!!!

We have the nostril scratcher...

The "land ho" scope...

and who can live with out the "I'm trying to quit" metal cigar!

Everyone together now.

After a few songs, Jon read the Christmas Story from the
Bible while Evey acted it out with one of the nativity sets.

Then we set cookies, milk and carrots. And the kids went
to bed.

In the morning, at the butt-crack of dawn, mom's cell phone
alarm was going off and apparently no one but me sleeps
light enough to hear it, so I had to get up and go out into
the living room to turn it off. But lucky for me, I got first
glimpse of all the loot Santa had brought. So I took a picture.

Evey got everyone up at 7 and we all ran out to open our stockings.
It's funny what you get excited for when you're old!!!

Everyone got what they asked for. Thanks Santa!

Orion waiting patiently for his stocking treat to be opened!

Hurray! He was flipping it around and playing fetch with
himself! Funny dog!

Gemini preferred to just carry her's around. We thought it
looked kinda like a stogie

Kurt got some nice weapons. Perfect for movie making!!!

Some of the chaos before I set the camera down.

We had a great Christmas! Everyone was very pleased
with their gifts. Thank you to all! Then we just laid around
in the mess for the rest of the day. We even forgot to start
cookingand so we ate a little late, but it was a delicious meal!

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