Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mystery Dinner

This post is almost a month late, as was the party celebrating
Evey's birthday. She decided she wanted to have a mystery dinner,
so we sent out cute little question mark invites.

The table was set so pretty! But, it didn't stay that way...sniffle.
We had to put extra curtains to block out the sunlight, so it
was more of a restaurant feel.
Each girl was given a menu of 16 items with funny names,
so they didn't know what they were ordering. They had to
write when they wanted each of the 16 items during the 4
course meal.

Here's a list of a few, see if you can guess what each item is
(answers at the bottom)

Right Hook
Cut Twigs
Polly's Delight
Sharp Toys
Huckleberry's Friend

After they had planned out their meal, we brought them 4
items at a time, for each course. And cleared all 4 when that
course was over.

Unbeknownst to them, their utensils and drinks were some
of those menu items, so when a plate of spaghetti, a toothpick,
salad and a slab of butter was served, (or other funny
combinations, whatever they ordered for that course) they
had to be creative and come up with interesting ways to eat!!
It was so fun to watch. Sometimes they ended up with 2 drinks,
a fork, a knife and a cracker. But, once they had the fork, they
only had it for that course. It went back when the course was over.

Apparently Evey didn't get a utensil with her salad.

Everyone had to use a toothpick at some point.

Some got dessert first, before an entreƩ.

And sometimes they got just what they needed, a fork WITH their spaghetti

The cake wasn't on the menu, but it would have been
fun to give Evey an extra item and whenever that item
came up would have been when we sang, ... now we know
for if we ever do this again!

The girls really seemed to enjoy the party, so even though
it was a ton of work on our part, (preparing every menu
item without Evey knowing what they were and making
sure each girl got their correct order for each course), it
totally paid off to see their smiles and how much fun they
were having!

Right Hook = Punch
Cut Twigs = Chop Sticks
Polly's Delight = Cracker
Sharp Toys = Porcupine Balls
Huckelberry's Friend = Strawberry Shortcake

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