Friday, June 4, 2010

Tummy Time

All of these pictures are from May 9, 2010...

Lex really loves his little sister!! I think he's more confident
to hold her now because she doesn't seem as fragile as when
she was a tiny infant.

Winter has been in constant motion since she was born,
even in my belly she was a wiggle worm. Her body control
has amazed us from the first day. I don't remember any
of the other kids liking tummy time as much as Winter does.
These are from May 9 she was about 3 1/2 months.

She is so content to look at her dragon and work on those
motor skills. And even though she can roll over, she plays
for a while before rolling over and calling for someone to
come get her.

She is quite the pro-roller!

Always so happy.

It has however been an adjustment for her since
I have a 4 hour block when I'm at school. She gets
angry when she is tired, and so it was trial and
error for Jon for the first couple weeks, since he
isn't equipped with her favorite nap time snack (the kid
has never liked a pacifier, which I am totally okay
with, those things are just nasty!)
At first he would take everyone on errands when
she would get mad, she loves the car. But, he
figured out that she loves the vacuum. So when
they are at home and she gets tired, he lays her
down and does chores and she falls right to sleep.
Double bonus!!! He is such a great daddy!!

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