Friday, July 2, 2010

Swing Batta

Everyone played ball this year, and the schedules were
C-R-A-Z-Why?...not really sure. I guess because they
are all in different leagues.

This was Paris' first year playing T-ball, and she really
loved it! I think it's because it was easy to hit the ball
and everyone scored, so it was kind of a confidence
booster.She was very well known for her pink helmet
and glove.

She always had to tap home a few times before hitting the ball.

Not a bad swing either!

She liked playing first, and drawing in the dirt with her cleats.

Evey had the hardest time with her schedule. She has
dance on Monday from 4:30 to 5:15 and Softball
practice from 5-6. So we would run her over after
dance so she could get at least a few minutes of
practice. Then it was even harder because she and
one of her team mates who happened to be in the
same Dance Company had JDC (the Advanced company
she is in) on Tuesdays. A lot of their games were played
on Tuesday, so she would have to come late, or miss
altogether when it was getting near to their dance
performance. Then, we left for New York, so she missed
pictures (rescheduled from a rain out) and the last few
games and all the rainout make up games. I think she
actually only played 4 or 5 games.
Hopefully next year schedules aren't so bad.

Her position was short stop though, and she played it well,
when a ball was hit to her (maybe once or twice!! hehe)
She really wanted to learn how to pitch and the coach was
excited. He said she had the best arm on the team,
unfortunately she decided this before the last game she got
to play and she was late getting there because of dance and
so didn't get to try in a game. Oh well now she can practice
more and be ready for next year.

She was one of the most consistent hitters on the team.
I think she hit every time she was at bat. And only got
out once when she hit a pop fly and the girl at first caught it.
It's funny how much she has taken a liking to this sport!

Lex is our natural athlete. He is amazing. He didn't get
to play T-ball yet because he had to be 5, so next year
he'll get to play. So this year he was in StartSmart baseball.
StartSmart is basically a basics camp. They go through
different rotations learning the fundamentals of the
game, throwing, catching, and hitting. Lex didn't even
have to try, he can throw like a pro, catch a lot of the
balls thrown to him, and hit HARD with out a Tee.

The parents go with the kids through all the rotations
and help them. Jon really had fun playing with Lex.
On the last day they actually got to play a little game.
Jon had Lex ready and watching the ball at all times.
They are so cute together!

Poor Lex is going to have to suffer through T-ball for
however many years. They just let the kids hit and run
the bases. There are no outs. He can already hit without
the tee and so I think he will love when he finally makes
it to coach pitch.

This is one of our cute neighbors! He was on the opposite
team, but Jon still helped him to know which way to run
when the ball was hit.

Down in the ready position.

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