Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bye, Bye, summer!

Well, the time has come. Summer flew by in a flash and here
we are getting back into the swing of school. I have always
loved back to school time though. And the girls have been
super excited. I love school supplies too, so forgive me as I
seem to take very similar pictures every year.

Paris chose a plain pencil box so she could decorate it herself.

And Evey picked the largest amount of color pencils we
could find, she takes after her daddy, loves color.

They each have a letter key chain that has a home on each
new backpack every year.

Instead of an open house a few days before school,
they decided to have it on the first day of school.
So in true (Amy)Lindsey fashion, we were running late,
but it didn't matter because the open house went until
10. So we showed up a little late. Signed up for PTA,
got sweatshirts, showed Paris the lunch room (she is
super excited to get to eat lunch at school this year) and
signed up for choir. Then we went to Paris classroom
and met her teacher. She is a choir director and so because
I worked with the choir last year I knew her and was really
excited for Paris, she is wonderful.

While we were signing up for class room help and party
treats, a boy came in the room and saw Paris and called
out her name. It was Boston, the boy she (and ALL of the
other girls) thought was cute last year. She got the biggest
smile, got super shy and sort of hid behind me for a second.
I could barley contain my laughter. She recovered quickly
though and went about her business. She signed her name
on a tag and got to pick her own desk, which she is so excited
to have this year! She is sitting next to one of her friends.

Other names blocked for their safety

Evey is lucky enough to have her teacher from last
year, who is absolutely AMAZING, move up with
them to 5th grade. We got a note during the summer
telling us that she would be moving up and wondering
if Evey would like to be in her class again. OF COURSE!
A few of her other friends, who weren't in Mrs. Terry's
class last year were able to get in too, but otherwise
her class mates are the same. This year the curriculum
is the 50 states.

I have never seen a teacher put sooo much of their
own money into everything for the class room. Her
furniture is not of the school variety. Like, black
counter height table with matching stools for
conferences and centers, Red wood with star cut
out bookshelves. It's like walking into a boutique
with all of her decorations and furniture. She had
3 notbooks (red, white and blue of course), a
custom covered journal, a fully stocked pencil box
and a US puzzle for each kid waiting for them on
their desk. Fun for them to pass the time until the
bell rang.

They have had a fabulous first and second day of school.
Paris has been assigned to wear the color of the day for
the first two weeks, which she loves. The first day was red
(pink had to do, since that is what she had on) and Yellow
was today. Tomorrow is blue....her outfit is set out and ready
for the morning. Evey has taken to dressing cute and
accessorizing. We bought a bunch of jewelry and that is one
of her new favorite nightly rituals, to pick out her outfit and
all the accessories to go with it.
Good luck in school girls!

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Lacy said...

How fun, love the pictures. Hayley starts back after Labor Day, almost done shopping!