Monday, October 18, 2010


I love Fall! Not only for the colors, but for the cooler 
weather and the start of the holidays.  We drove the 
Alpine Loop to soak in all of the beautiful colors. 
The Alpine loop goes up through Sundance Ski resort 
(We like to wave to Robert Redford...."Hey Bobby"
 *wave*) and comes out just a little bit north of Provo 
in Alpine. 

However, I almost died getting some of these pictures!! 
First I slipped off a Gigantic log and "broke" my leg...
and it hurt, but I survived.....barely.  Then while lying 
on the road, photographing my little red leaf, so I could 
get the mountains and colors behind it, my hubby tried 
to run me over. Okay not tried, he didn't know I was 
laying right in front of the van wheel, and was moving 
to get out of the road. I just happened to see in the view 
finder that the van was suddenly getting closer and was 
able to jump up before I went under the wheel, but he 
did hit me, and then my other leg hurt too. (frowny face) 
But you'll be happy to know (mom) I didn't whine and 
make a big scene (as I might have when I was younger) 
But I learned that day, it's probably not the best idea to 
lay in front of the wheel of a car when the driver doesn't 
know you're there....DUH!!

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Jessica Munk said...

Amazing pics! I'm glad you're safe! :)