Wednesday, October 27, 2010


First off I have to apologize for the messed up formatting
of some of the pictures. I know it's  hard to read in some
parts. I updated to the "new " formatting, and I haven't taken
the time to figure out how to manipulate to my liking.            

Since I haven't updated on Winter in a while, I have some filling
in to do.  She is 9 months as of the 18th and as spunky as ever!
She is NON. STOP. and into absolutely everything.

Her stats at 9 months are:
28 1/2 inches!!!  75-90 percentile! Who's kid is she????
17lb 5 1/2 oz  25%  Tall and skinny  And oh so cute!

A list of just a few new things since her last update:
*3 new teeth and one one it's way (5 teeth total)
*She's been crusin' around everything since about 6 months
*at 7 she started waving and clapping
*she also started saying mama and baby around 7 months too.
I know they start babbling around this time, but she actually calls
me. She would crawl over, stand up, reach her arms up and say
"mamama" and when she calls me from her crib it's more like
"maaaahhh" in a really deep voice

She also LOVES babies and so every time she sees one
(on a picture in the store, in a book, at church) she squeals
and says " baba" Then she'll  say it over and over and it
turns in to "mah-ba" But she is consistent, so that's why
I say she is actually saying the words and not just babbling.
But, We're not considering those her "First Words" yet either

Last month or so she started calling her siblings, not their
names, but she has a very distinct voice to
call them and they each have their own syllables. Lex is a
very low pitch like when she calls me from her crib except
she doesn't say maahh it's just a short "uhh". Evey and
Paris are pretty much the same except she kinda adds another
syllable, "uhh-uh" And when we say their names to her
(to help her call them), she looks at or for each of them. She
also has a special noise for the kitty, it a high pitch "ehhh."
I always tell her " kitty , meow" I think she is kind of mimicing
 that. I love that she can recognize all of her family, and she has
known her own name for a long time now too. We just have to
say in once and she either looks at us, or if she's getting into
something, she'll do a little squeak and hide or start crawling
away.  We love to sit around the dinner table and say a name
and she'll look at that person. Too fun!!

*She has figured out how to crawl up onto things. She'll pull
out a toy basket and knock it over and use it as a step and get
on the coffee table or couch ( which is scary. She's learning to
get down right, but she's not there yet, so we have to watch her
closely!) She is also pretty good at stairs.

She is so fast and quiet when she is getting into something, and
it's in those quiet seconds that I know I need to go find her.
Sometimes she's in the pantry (if someone didn't close the door,
grrr) sometimes she's at the dog water (her super favorite!!
Water is FUN!) or getting homework that was left in reach (yeah
so Evey and Paris may not have the "my dog ate my homework"
excuse- Homework is not Orion's favorite snack, hehe. But they
 can tell their teacher that their sister ate their homework, she thinks
homework is a great afternoon snack!)

Caught!! (pay no attention to the messy pantry!!)

"But, I'm cute and I know it!!"

This is her "but- you -love -me- because- I'm -so- cute" face.
 She throws her head back and grins....BRAT!

She's just hungry!!! Geez ma!

Bananas will do.....for now.

Winter has a...daily is not the word, because it happens a million
times a day, so I guess it's an at least hourly.....chore of messing
up everything possible. She goes around the house and I can
follow her path of destruction. So i'll pick it all up, or have my
awesome Lex helper help me. and then not 3 minutes later it's
ALL out again.

First she goes for her basket of little toys.
She knocks it over and spreads them out either with her hand
or by kicking them everywhere.
Maybe it's funny to see me looking under
all the furniture when picking it up.

If there happens to be something on the coffee table,
which there usually is, she'll find it and spread it out too.

Her next stop is DVDs, Blu rays, Wii games and controllers.
Most of the movies are in cabinets that haven't interested her yet-
unless it's open- but the Christmas movies reside in little red boxes
that are perfect for making a mess.
Wii games and controllers are also in boxes that must be dumped.
She then heads to Lex's room where puzzles, cars and more video
games are spread out before moving on to the girl's room where there
are any number of wonderful things to mess up. I generally catch her
by this time and do my rounds of clean up.

She love to be in the kitchen too and has obviously started
getting into cabinets ( yes I locked up the chemicals!)

So I made her her own drawer, which for the most part
does it's job of something to pull out instead of
dishes that I have to then wash before use

Whew! It was empty this time! usually if she makes it to
the water we have to have a bath,
sometimes she ends up having 2 or 3 a day!

She likes to "help" fold clothes.  She is actually
my sand in the hourglass.
I have to try to get the load folded before
Wynn can throw it all on the floor.
It's a race. 

Winter loves Lambert. She makes her kissing noise for him when
he is near. And he is so sweet and good with her. We have been
helping her pet him gently, and she's caught on pretty well. She's
pretty soft when she pets him on her own, at least soft enough that
he doesn't run away....

wait, he can sense danger....

Ah, yes, I would run from that wicked face too. 

Even though Winter keeps us on our toes.....
How could we not love something so beautiful???

She has such an amazing personality! She is so
bright and funny and fiery and you can see the light in her eyes.
Ah, her eyes, so expressive and beautiful !!
She fits just perfectly into our family

Oh one last thing to tell, she is starting
to walk on her own!! Just a few steps.
She'll take about 4 before she lets herself fall
into my arms. She's been doing it a lot,
those 4 steps, but if I move any further away,
she won't do it. So, she is not an official walker yet,
but it's right around the corner!! Evey took a video
 one time on her phone, but it was right after bath
time and she is "nakey" so I will get a video as soon
 as she gets a little better


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Drea said...

She and Matilda are SO much alike! The using other (often dumped over) items to climb up on higher furniture, the path of destruction, the getting into kitchen cabinets, the "but I'm so cute" grin... And I love that point when you know what they're saying, even if it's not actual words yet! Matilda still can't say Adelaide but we've been able to tell for months now when she's calling her because she always uses the same syllables and sounds. Oh, Winter is as cute as a button!