Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stalking 101

A little background on this video...
The group had originally agreed on a comedy about
a stalker who's interest was dating a serial killer.
The director, who cast the movie, ended up changing
it so that it wasn't a comedy anymore and turned into
a suspense.

Jon knew this while filming and most everyone else in
the group was annoyed, but they went with it to complete
the project.
The director's version went like this:
Guy stalks girl,
girls falls in park and guy goes to help but is beat to it by Guy 2,
guy figures out guy 2 is a serial killer,
guy saves girl from said killer,
girl figures out guy has been stalking her,
guy gets girl....

Jon was also shocked at the acting ability of the
"actors" the director cast. In a bad way.

Each member of the group was given all of the video
files and was to make their own edit of the movie.

Jon said everyone in the group stuck to the directors
story even though they hated it.

Jon however didn't. He decided to make a mockery of the
whole thing...


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Drea said...

Ha ha ha! I love the music too!