Monday, October 24, 2011


Jon's parents came to visit in August. One of the things we did was go to the Discovery Children's Museum in Salt Lake.

It was fun! We played in water,

Climbed Rocks,

Rode big fake horses,

and big fake bugs,

caught bubbles...

and pretended to pull them out our noses (definitely my child!!),

Floated with hot air balloons,

okay it was a green screen,

reported the news,

punched a building (it fell seconds later!),

looked through tubes?,

colored with a spirograph thing,

built towers,

Took naps,

built more towers,

danced on a light-up backgammon board,

narrowly escaped death by over sized dominos,

became life sized fooseball players,

Rode in...

...and flew a lifeflight 'copter!

Whew! It was a fun day! We topped it off with a Ben and Jerry's Ice cream treat. MMMM!!


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