Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa's

We took a trip upstate to Jon's parents house this weekend. On the trip up we had to stop along the road because Paris couldn't wait, and while I was putting her back in her seat I noticed a snail on the grass. So I picked up to show the kids. It was the most curious snail I have ever seen, it didn't duck into its shell, it actually reached it's "neck" out when the kids got in real close. When I put it back i noticed a bunch more all over in the little patch of grass where we stopped, in was a snail city!

While at Grandma and Grandpas we played with even more nature. The kids loved bottle feeding Rita, and helping grandpa feed the mommies and other babies.

Paris and I went frog hunting, it took us a while to catch one, it's hard when your not in grubby clothes!!
But Paris was very proud of her catch when we finally got one.

And the puppies were so cute.

They were only 8 weeks old,
but were almost Lex's size and sometimes he had a hard time getting away from them. Especially when he found a ball to play with!

We always love to go to Lake Ontario when we go out, and this time it was warm enough to get in the water, but we didn't bring swimsuits, so we build a sand castle, and took lots of pictures!!

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