Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let's Get Together

I would have loved to put the girls in a professional dance studio, but, what a surprise, they were all wanting arms and legs and kidneys and even lungs, so I ended up putting them with a cute lady from the Bronx ward. She did it from her house and the girls really liked her. I would drop off Paris and we would walk across the street to this really cool park, then we'd go switch for Evey's class, so it was always fun on dance days. Unfortunately, dance was in Pelham and if there was traffic it took a while to get there, and on the day of dress rehearsal Paris fell asleep in the car.

So, when I woke her up and told her she had to do her dance on stage she freaked out and wouldn't do it.

This was Paris' first time on stage, so on the day of the performance I tried my hardest not to let her fall asleep, but if that girl wants to sleep, she's going to. And, of course she fell asleep on the way, and when I woke her up she was not happy. She stood on the stage with her lip puckered out and huge tears in her eyes. I finally had to go save her. She did end up going back to get her flower,
but only because Evey was there with her. Evey on the other hand did an amazing job as always, she knows the dances so well and always has a great smile.

I have video of all 3 of Evey's dances and both of Paris' along with some tumbling they showed the parents, but I had a step in videographer for most of the show, and we had a lot of unusable footage! Love you mom!! Here's just a clip of each of the girls. We'll try again next time with Paris.

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