Friday, June 22, 2007

Turkey-Lurkey and Skunky dog

We have seen so much wild life here! Funny being so close to huge cities! This is our turkey family, we've seen them most every morning lately.
We also have a huge gopher around, I'll try to get a picture of him. We think he my be Punxsutawney Phil's cousin! We also have a few skunks around. The Dogs have been sprayed twice now. Eeeeew! I didn't blog about our huge adventures as we were making the trip here. I'll have to tell a story here or there. But one of them is; as Jon was running the dogs one night, at the hotel we were in for a week when we first got here, he saw a "stump" in the field they were in. As they passed it, he realized it wasn't a stump at all and tried to get the dogs to go faster passed a very large skunk. It got Orion and then turned and chased them for a few yards. Jon hadn't taken his cell so when he returned, eyes watering from the smell, he had to throw rocks at the window to get my attention. Then he had to wait outside the hotel while I first called dad for a skunk deodorizing recipe while looking one up on the computer, then going out to get the supplies. The mixture worked really well after bathing Orion in it a couple times. He was able to come back in the hotel without killing everyone on our floor! We have that recipe and the ingredients very handy nowadays!

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