Friday, July 20, 2007


This is moms picture of the chaos after an explosion in the streets, we're glad she's okay! She was in the elevator of her building, which is one block west and one block north of the explosion, and the elevator stopped. She said she and the people in the elevator were annoyed at first, and were about to press the alarm button,when it started up again and they went the last floor and a half to ground level, but when the doors opened there were people running and screaming everywhere. They weren't sure if it was another attack. The Subways and streets were stopped and it was tough to get phone reception. We were up at Jon's parents house, so when she did get a hold of us we had no idea what had even happened. She said it took her over 6 hours and a lot of walking to get home. It ended up to be a 100 year old steam pipe that had exploded. I'm glad we weren't a part of that adventure, but it's definitely one for the books!

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