Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's

MMM, yummy Raspberries!

Paris couldn't pick them fast enough! Lex is a berry hog!

All gone.

It's been a month, look how much they've grown! Now imagine 3 puppies

and 3 full grown Mastiff's all in the same family, plus another goofy slightly smaller dog, and a massive amount of goats! Ahhhh.

Let's play follow the leader!

Jon's parents live 7 miles from Palmyra, so we were able to go see the Hill Commorah (Commay-ya-may-ya as we call it) Pagent. It was an amazing expierence! Unfortunately it poured on us, so it was tough to get the kids excited. The spirit was so strong and I had a hard time fighting back tears. I only wish the weather had let up so Jon could enjoy it better, I wanted him to feel the spirit too, but it's hard to get through to him, especially when he's wet. The sets were absolutely breathtaking. My pics didn't come out so great, no telephoto lens and tripod. But, I have to share them anyway.

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