Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We're up and running

Well out trip was mostly uneventful. Jon drove the moving truck towing our explorer, mom drove our corolla, and I had the kids in her explorer, we had a nice little parade! One evening somewhere in Iowa mom decided to pass a huge truck, when she got back in front of the truck, I could tell it was too close for the truckers comfort and he got angry. Before I could pass him and while I was trying to call mom to tell her she made him mad, the trucker pulled in the other lane to pass mom, instead of completely passing her, he started back into her lane, forcing her into the dirt shoulder. It was quite scary! I made sure she was ok then sped up to the truck again and got his license plate number and called 911. Unfortunately, his truck had no distinguishing marks on the cargo trailer and as I was on the phone telling them the the direction and mile marker he pulled off on to an exit. I guess we'll never know if he ever got a ticket. But, we were pretty shaken, so we decided to stop early for the night. Luckily we did, the Hotel we stopped at had a great indoor water park. It closed at 10 so we really only had about 15 minutes but it was fun for the kids after a long day in the car. Other than that little adventure, and driving through Nebraska, uhhhhh,never ending nothing, sooo boring, I'm never going back there, our trip was really good, we made good time and it was just really smooth. Close to death-o-meter 5 out of ten, much better than before!

On the open road!

Pretty sun set!

Mississippi River? Where?

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