Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well the time has come, We are loading the truck and the computer will be going in tomorrow. I'm sad to leave New York. I've had so much fun, but it just has been so hard and it's not the right time for our family. Maybe we'll be back someday. We missed seeing a lot of things. A year goes by so fast, and once we decided for sure we were going, we couldn't get it ALL in. But, we on to a new adventure and chapter in our lives. I will be glad to be back somewhere normal, with a fenced in yard and bigger space. Evey is sad to leave her friends behind, they will be greatly missed! We are also sad to leave friends and family here in the east, but we will see you again soon! Please keep us in your prayers as we make the trip across the country. Hopefully we won't have as many adventures as we did on the way here! See you in Utah!

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