Monday, November 3, 2008

Massive Head-wound Harry

After all of the fun this week and weekend, I thought I was going to enjoy my Saturday night laying around, and then get an extra hour of sleep with the time change, Sigh, it would have been nice! 

I was watching some tv at about 1 am, Jon wasn't home from work yet,  when Gemini starts acting funny and wagging her tail in the hall as if someone was there. I didn't hear anybody, but I figured Evey could be sleep walking or something, so I go check it out. When I get to the girls room, Evey is standing over Lex who is laying on the floor crying a little bit. He had crawled up on to her top bunk to sleep with her, which he does often, and I pull him down before I go to sleep. So I go over and realize that he has fallen off the bed and I pick him up to give him a hug and make sure he's okay, And, he starts gushing blood! He'd hit the dresser on the way down. So run him to the bathroom and put pressure with a towel, and realize that I'm going to have to call 911 because Jon wasn't home.

 I did call Jon first so he could be on his way because I knew 911 would want me to stay on the line. So while I was talking to the dispatch lady, I couldn't really hear what she was telling me because Lex was crying, so I had to have Evey talk to her. She was so brave! Jon actually made it to the house before the Ambulance and Firetruck. So when they got there he was able to show them in and bring them to me in the bathroom. Our sweet friend 2 doors down happened to still be up and heard the trucks pull up so she came over and offered to watch the girls.
 I had stopped the bleeding, and Lex was very responsive, and hadn't lost consciousness so the EMT told us that we had the option of him taking Lex or us taking him to the emergency room. We decided it would be okay for us to take him since the bleeding had stopped. We also decided that just I would go so that Jon could stay with Evey, who was pretty shaken up, Paris slept through the whole thing. The EMT guy even went into the girls room to check out how far Lex had fallen and how much blood he had lost, Paris didn't even stir once. 
So I took Lex and we waited FOREVER in the emergency room. We had fun watching the clown fish rub against his bed(an anemone)
The anesthesiologist who came into numb him up had me pull down a little tv for Lex to watch to distract him. But, when he started poking him, Lex didn't say or move at all. I didn't have to hold him or anything, I actually kept looking at his face to see some sort of reaction, but there was none. The Doc said they needed more kids like him to come through, and almost every nurse was informed and came into see him, the kid who didn't make a sound. They all thought he was so cute and brave. I got to hold him and watch the Doc stitch him. Dr Hooker told me to tell everyone that he said Lex got 100 stitches. He really only got 6. 
We finally got home at about 4am. So much for my extra hour of sleep! Oh well, my baby is okay and that's all that matters. He's totally fine, normal T-Lex yesterday and today. (It used to be T for trouble, now T for tough!!)

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Christa said...

Oh my goodness! I am glad to hear that he is okay! SCARY!!

TheAndFam said...

Amy! I had no idea that happened to poor little Lex!! How is he doing now??!! How scary!!