Sunday, November 9, 2008

I love...

Even though it wasn't a lot, we got some snow on Wednesday (11/5). We woke up to the tramp covered and flakes falling. I went ahead and took Evey and her friend to school so they didn't have to ride their bikes in it. The mountains were gorgeous with snow that morning! There was big billowy clouds all around the base of the mountains but by the time I got home from taking Evey and got my camera the clouds had changed and it didn't look so cool.  I love this picture though, the Fall is blurring making way for the new crisp snow of Winter.

I love fall. I love the reds, oranges, browns and greens.I love the smell of leaves outside and the Bath & Body Works scents of the season filling my home. I love decorating for fall. 

I love when I go outside and I don't fry in the sun (Jon calls me a vampire!), and when there starts to be a crisp in the air. I love cold sheets at night when I get in bed, and the weight of  adding the down comforter, even though I hate it and I throw it off. I love watching football. And, I love our family traditions. I've blogged about some of our traditions already, Pumpkin Patch, decorating treats, carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating,  but this is a fall favorite.
I have to reminisce real quick, I miss the fall in New York. We had ton of awesome trees with all different color leaves. We had a blast raking them and trowing them, and throwing the kids into them!

This year we decided to borrow my brothers leaves and yard for our leaf jumping tradition. We had enough leaves last year, but we had to wait until they all fell and then we had to bring the leaves from the back into the front so we had a good enough jumping pile, but the leaves were so brittle and nasty from having been down for so long they just broke all up and got in everyones hair and didn't really have any bounce to them, it was like weeeee...CRUNCH, and they were really ugly and it kind of hurt to jump in them.(gasp) So, Kurt has two huge trees in his front yard and when we went over to borrow a movie we decided that was the jumping grounds for this year. You couldn't even see the grass under the leaves. But the yard isn't too big, so we got a massive pile quickly. They were pretty freshly fallen and nice and soft and bouncy!

We tried to recreate a picture from when Evey was about 3.

Where's Evey? Look hard!
Daddy always gets 1st jump.

Every time Jon would throw her, Paris would run hurdles in mid air. It was quite amusing!

My hair looks awesome!! This is what happens when I try to beat the timer.

Although this is not a tradition, I thought it was funny, so, here it is. On Saturday morning a few of us on the street with trees had some lovely decorations left for us during the night. Evey and her friend next door had fun climbing the trees to retrieve the TP. Evey actually spent a lot of the day in the tree, just sitting there at the top, she loves to climb, I hear it's natural for monkeys! She even told me she wished we'd get TPed more often so she could climb up and get it again.


As much as I love fall, the thing I love most is that it means that winter and Christmas are not far behind. I try my best to contain myself, until after our Thanksgiving meal, when it comes to decorating the house for Christmas but I just can't help it when it comes to music and movies. I've been playing Christmas music for over a month now,

the iPod is full of Christmas music and we've been watching all of our Christmas movies. I love that Jon loves getting into the Christmas spirit early with me. I love our little family and all the fun little things we do together, weather it be in the car singing I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas at the top of our lungs, playing board games and watching Christmas movies, or driving wicked far to cut down a Tree, we just always have tons of fun together. We are so excited, counting down the days and trying to get prepared for Thanksgiving when my entire family comes to stay with us. It should be fun, we haven't had everybody here at once yet, so trying to sleep 7 extra people will be fun! 

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