Monday, December 1, 2008


Our house was super busy Thanksgiving week. All of my family came to stay with us for the holiday. We had 8 extra adults in the house. Luckily our neighbor was leaving for the week and let us use her house as extra storage for food and cooking space. Thanks Bloomers you were a life saver!

I took the kids on Monday to go pick up my grandma from Idaho, so that she could spend the week with us.  

Tuesday Evey had her Thanksgiving program at school (see my last post) and then dance.

Wednesday Paris had dance, we picked up some last minute food items, And then we headed up to Salt Lake to pick up my uncle who flew in from San Fransico. Mom, Dad, and Abby got to our house before we got home. Jon invited all the boys to play a game of night football with the young men and  elders quorum from our ward. They were all pretty excited, especially Jason (uncle) who informed me that he hadn't played in a long time (HS football star!) and he was looking forward to a good beating. Kurt joined the young men and Jason and Jon jumped in on the other team.  I think they had a lot of fun. I was a rotten videographer though!
(Scroll to the bottom of the page{ it's a long way, I know!} and push pause on the Lpod before you watch the videos!)

Kami and Josh got in at about 6 am from Glendale. So they slept a while and the rest of us got up to get a start on everything. We of course had to turn on the Macy's Parade. I was really missing NYC!! We had a lot of help in the kitchen. Jon baked an Apple and a Pumpkin pie. He was very proud of his apple pie. It was the first he's ever done completely on his own. Mom and Grandmommy were hard at work making lots of other dishes.
Once Kami and Josh joined the land of the living the decision was made to start Turkey bowl '08. I had to get a bit on video before I could join the fun. And I redeemed myself from the night before. 
Half time came when the Cowboys game started, and then we finished the game during the Cowboys halftime. 

The table was beautiful,
dinner was amazing, 
and I am so thankful I was able to open my house to my family that I love so much and we were all able to be together. 
After dinner was cleaned up (it goes quick with so many helping hands) We played a couple games. We introduced everyone to Catch Phrase, and it went over really well, It may end up being a family favorite. We tried to start up the current favorite...Phase 10 DUN, DUN, DUN.  (sometimes we get a little competative) We had to use 2 decks, and one round around the table took a bit, we had to stop mid game so that we weren't up till the early hours of the night.

Friday morning we all took our time getting ready for the day, after Kami and Josh braved the crazies for Black Friday doorbusters. We had a little bit of everything happening.
            Does she look bored to you?!                                      

This is my favorite picture of me!!! Thanks Jason!


Jon has been wanting to learn to play the guitar for years, but after watching all the boys jam together, he's got renewed interest. Maybe next year he can join the "band" 

We finally got everyone ready and went out to take some family pictures. It was really cold and windy and my kids weren't very enthusiastic about this idea, until they were bribed with gum. It was like a light switch, they turned on their smiles. We ended up taking quite a few pictures, including a 4 generation pic,  but I won't post them all. 

Saturday Jason flew home and went to pick out a Christmas tree. I didn't go on the "get a tree cutting permit" adventure this year, because I knew we wouldn't get to take the day long "cut the tree" adventure soon enough for me, I like to start decorating for Christmas as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are done! Anyway, we had fun picking one from a lot. It's a good one too I might add. It smells REALLY GOOD!!

Jon had to work, so Josh and Kurt stepped in and helped me get the tree trimmed and set up. They did a great job!

Early Sunday morning Kami and Josh left for their trip but the rest of the fam stayed to watch me play a flute solo in church before they're trip back to CO. Thanks guys I love you. They ended up getting caught in a storm and had to take an alternate route home. But they did make it safe and sound. I'm so thankful for family, we really have fun together. It was decided, without me, that we would be the host of Thanksgivings from now on. Fine by me, I really had a ton of fun!

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