Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Soccer

I totally spaced signing the girls up for spring soccer! Ugh! And poor, poor Lex has to wait a whole year to get to be in real soccer instead of just start smart. Sigh. When I called they said the girls would have to be on a waiting list, and they would call me if there were any openings on any teams. Well lucky for Paris they called us back that day and so we thought for sure Evey would be able to play too. Well the season started and still no call, so I called them back to see if there was something. Still nothing. We were pretty sad but Evey was a good sport and took it really well. Paris is pretty good, but has no desire to shove her way into the swarm around the ball to get it. She has been promised ice cream if she scores a goal. GO PARIS!  

Two weeks into the soccer season we decide we were going to sign Evey up for Softball. I called to get the info and pay and I thought I'd ask if they by chance had any openings for her soccer, they told me there was an opening on a team that was not from her school, but she could take it if she wanted. So know she is in both soccer and softball. She's doing great this year!  She really knows what's going on and is not afraid of the ball or any other players. She's one tough cookie! Her team was really glad to have her, even thought it was halfway through the season.

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Rachie said...

I am so excited for this stage with the boys! I really like your blog makeover. Isn't that Mrs.McBloom book great. So many things to look at in the pictures and a great story!