Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life cycle

For her birthday Paris got a butterfly habitat and a voucher to send out for some butterfly larve. So we send out for it a few weeks ago. They say to not let the larve be in extreme hot or cold. So we forgot to check the mail on one of the coldest days and didn't realize that we had gotten the larve. OOOps! We were pretty worried about them. 

Okay so we got them on 3/26. I forgot to take a picture on the first day. We did notice after thawing for an hour or two they started moving around a bit. All 5 seemed to be alright. 

So this first pic is on 3/31 and they had already grown at least 50% from when we got them.


Holy caterpillar they grow fast!!!

We got a hanger!
The cocoon thing happened in the blink of an eye. Once the first one (Toppy) was hanging, we kept checking to see how and when the cocoon would happen. Then we left for an hour and came back and he was fully in the cocoon. Oh and the others names are Sandy, Squirmy, Poopy, and oh I can't remember, Paris comes up with these names all by herself. She's so funny.
The last one is now in his cocoon! We tried so hard to see it happen, but it was like one minute it was just a caterpillar, then the next it was safe and warm inside, and it's head was on the ground!!! What! No one warned us about this!!  Our pet's heads are fallin' off!
Look you can see this last ones head, kind of stuck on the out side of his cocoon. A little bit gross. But the whole process has been so fascinating!
We have now moved them to their new habitat, after Jon kicked a ball and hit their cup and it fell and all but one cocoon fell off the top! Arrrrgh! So, hatched butterfly pictures will be up soon, ... if I can keep this dumb blog updated!

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TheAndFam said...

Wow!!! I can't believe how amazing that is!!! Keep me updated! I am so intrigued now!!!