Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And baby makes...6!!!

After more than 2 years of trying, we're finally pregnant again. So, as of right now the due date is January 23. Knowing the way things have gone with everyone else, they'll push the due date about 2 weeks, making it near Feb 9 (my birthday) but the baby will come right in between the 2 due dates making it right around the 1st of Feb (Jon's birthday). I guess that would be a fun 30th birthday present, huh, kid # 4.

There has actually been a lot of craziness so far with this pregnancy. I took a home test on Mothers day and it was positive. It was a great present, but, I'm crazy and I need at least 3 positive tests before I believe it. So, I took another 2 a couple days later one was positive the other negative. Ahh! What does that mean?! So I went to the Dr for a test. It was also positive, Hurray! So we told family. Based on my last cycle the due date was November 9.  So we went with that for a bit. I was pretty excited I had gone through the first trimester without knowing it. But, in the back of my head I knew something was wrong. So when i had my first per-natal appt. They couldn't hear a heart beat. So they did an ultasound. They couldn't see anything, so they did a internal ultrasound and were only able to see a tiny spec. The Dr. decided we'd call it 4 weeks pregnant and I'd come back in another 4 weeks. I did however start feeling icky and pregnant. So I went back on the 10th of June and they did another ultasound. Oh happy day, the baby is fine and the heart rate is good, and the due date is Jan. 23. Ugh! So much longer to wait now! And, Dun Dun Dun... the first trimester, which has been kicking my butt so far.

At that second appt I had already lost 6.5 pounds, and I suspect I've lost more since then. I'm just hoping the sickness ends in the next couple of weeks, and doesn't last the entire pregnancy like it did with Paris. But I guess I'm well on my way to another negative birth weight. I gained 13 lbs with Evey, was at -20 when I went in to have Paris, and -15 when I went into have Lex. I'm not complaining about the lost weight, but it sure stinks getting there!

I've been so blessed with such a wonderful hubby! He takes care of the kids and of me while I'm sick. And he doesn't even mind that much that I'm such a baby. He lets me sleep whenever and for as long as I want and he always cooks when he is home. I couldn't ask for more! I'm actually quite spoiled. Especially since my mom is staying with us right now, and she's been a huge help too. She cooks and watches kids more than she should! I am eternally grateful to my wonderful family! 

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Drea said...

Congratulations! I'm sorry you're not feeling well right now but I'm really looking forward to hearing about how this pregnancy progresses for you!