Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th Fun

Except for last year, we've made it a tradition to go sit outside the Stadium of Fire to watch the fireworks. Usually it's a massive undertaking. We have to trek carrying: blankets, chairs, snacks and kids, from a distant parking spot to find a little patch of green to plop ourselves on for a couple of hours to wait for the fireworks. Well, this year we decided to come from a different direction, and it was the best idea (you were right Jon!). We had brought the wagon to tote the kids in, but we ended up getting a great parking spot and only walked a little bit and got a great spot of grass with an awesome view of the stadium.

We lit some sparklers and got some shaved ice to pass the time.

The fireworks were awesome as always. We could even hear the Jonas Brothers! (sarcastic) Yipee! Lex has been worried about thunder and lightning lately, and so when the fireworks started he got a little spooked for the first few, then daddy reassured him it was okay and they were fun, and he had a blast. 

Since we went to the watch the big fireworks, we didn't do ours at home, so we did them on Sunday. Colter and Holly had gone up to Wyoming to visit family over the weekend and grabbed some "not legal in Utah" fun fireworks, so they brought them over. A few of the neighbors came out to share in the fun. Kurt is such a fun uncle! He was so cute with the kids and kept on top of them each having a sparkler at all times.

We had a ton of fountains, I got pictures, but they're just not that exciting. When it got really dark and we were having a hard time seeing what was used and what needed to be lit, I got each of the kids a flashlight to help find things. They were so funny finding everything..."mommy there you are, I found you!", " mommy there's your camera"..."mommy, look here I am!" Then they each wanted to have their pictures taken with their flashlight. Zac's is pretty cool!

Here's some of the illegal stuff. I'm pretty sure this is a bottle rocket and some bee flyer thingys, they were pretty cool.
The grand finale was what Colter referred to as the big guns. When he lit it, we all jumped, we weren't ready for how big the noise was going to be! It was quite comical. As model citizens and law abiders, we all started freaking out that the cops were going to come get us, so we cleaned up and went inside. It was pretty funny. 

Jessica, if you can't grab these pics off of the site let me know and I'll send them to you. I have a few more of Zac too that I'll try to get to you soon.

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