Monday, June 22, 2009

Push Play

Picture Warning: Who wants to be a photographer? Oh yeah me. But, I've been doing so bad a taking time out to capture the special moments in my kids lives. I didn't get very good pics of them in their costumes, and then had a super-hard time taking pictures and video at the same time during performances, AND now Paris's picture of her in her ballet costume won't load (BOO!), so these few are what we get. Sigh! Also, I apologize for the poor quality and wild camera shake of the video clips, again, taking pics and video doesn't work so great!

Reminder: Pause the "L"pod before watching the clips!

This year the girl's dance studio did Cinderella for the ballet. Paris was a little Palace maid. She loved doing her, "Feather Duster Dance" And, she was so excited to be on stage. She would get so excited on the mornings of rehearsal or a performance, "I get to be on STAGE today!!!!" Funny girl!

Evey was a Time O'Clock. They were basically Cinderella's time under the enchantment. Evey had fun because she got to be on stage 3 times. She has gotten into the habit of not smiling, or looking like she's enjoying herself. We're trying to work on that, because she absolutely loves to dance.

For the Jazz show Paris did a little tap dance to a Mary Poppins song. She knows it so well, she loves to do "hands down, feet out , feet in, Jump Up!" She flips her beautiful long hair. These videos were from a rehearsal, but at the actual show when they were done and walking off stage, she did this little look at the audience and then flipped her hair and stuck her nose in the air. We had a good laugh. My little princess knows she's too beautiful for everyone!

Evey decided to give up Tap this year for piano lessons. But she stayed with jazz. She really liked her teacher who was her mom in the Pioneer Pageant last year. She is also looking forward to trying out for the Jr. Jazz company this summer, and is pretty excited because the director of the Jr. company is this same teacher, who loves her. 

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