Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Days

WARNING: Long post to follow!

It's been crazy around our house lately, and so blogging fell by the wayside. I finished my first semester at BYU and so while I have a bit to breath, I thought I'd fill everyone in.

It's always fun to get out the puppet theater. First I get to buy tickets from the cute little ticket master...
Then I HAVE to get snacks. The Concessions girl was stylin'!
While I was waiting for the show to start, I got a cute little glimpse of the performer.

And Finally the Show... SUPER HEROES!

I'm always crackin' the whip around the house, here's two of my little slaves!

Gimini got up on the tramp with the kids, and then as she was jumping down, she landed on poor old Orion. Somehow he hurt his foot and let out a big cry, and then was limping around. So, Jon felt sorry for him and got him a bone -one of his favorite things. He looks so pitiful!

Jon has been doing some major yard work. The back half of the yard was an over-grown mess and it's taken us, well,  2 spring/summer/falls to get it all cleared out. So now that it's clear and level, it's time for garden (Yay!) and grass seed. But, garden first.

Everyone wanted to help!

Lex had Start Smart Baseball this month and loved it! His favorite part was running the bases. All the parents were constantly with their kids helping them (some more than others).
Jon was awesome he helped lex to know where to throw the ball and to tag the bag and then throw it to the pitcher. It was really fun to watch!

I love his little "work face" He hits really good. He actually doesn't even need the Tee. But he had to use it for the coaches sake.

It's humming bird time! Paris made some nectar and hung up the feeders ...

This was Evey's first season playing softball. She really had fun. It's also the first age group to start using the girls to pitch, so, it was really hard to get hits. They had an 8 run rule, so once the batting team scored 8, they changed and then that team would score 8. And so the games went for a while, sometimes, the pitcher would strike out a batter or three and the other team wouldn't score their 8, and that's how teams would win. Evey's team did really great though. Her coaches were the Provo High Softball Team, and they were so fun! They taught them a lot!
How many outs?
On Deck.
Take your Base!
We took a trip out to Colorado for my baby sister's graduation. I love the drive through Glenwood Canyon! Especially in the Spring when it's all green and beautiful. It started raining just before we got in the canyon, but that didn't stop me from getting some pictures. Jon was actually making fun of me because I was hanging out the window of the van with my not-cheap camera, in the rain. Well, all that for nothing the pics aren't that great, but oh well here's one anyway. The river was the highest I have ever seen it! It was pretty awesome.
Then we went through snow in Vail. I love Colorado!!
At graduation we sat up in the 3rd level balcony which made for a great view, but not so great pictures. My flash actually reached the stage, but, flash, Ewww! So unless I abandoned my family I would have to deal with not so great pics. Sigh. I chose to stay with the fam. 
Woodland Park High School class of 2009

This was the most entertaining graduation I have ever been to. Apparently administration didn't have a problem with rowdy seniors. Everytime anyone said "2009" they would do the wave. The Valedictorian tried to get it in as many times as he could. It was quite funny.
Half way through one of the administrators speeches the grads start tossing around a bunch of beach balls. And ,of course a lot of them were wearing sunglasses.
Then, at one of the dullest moments out comes this big shark. The whole auditorium was laughing. This is it's first flight. He was tossed around a ton, knocking girls in the head and all, but it was fun to watch. 
Mads sang "Because" a Beatles song arranged by the kid with the guitar. Abby is second from the left in green.

Then all the kids in choir, which was like 1/3 of the graduating class got up an sang "Send Me on My Way" by Rusted Root (look up the song it's a good one!). It was so good, they had bongos, tambourines, maracas, guitars and even a pan flute. The rest of the class kept the beach balls and shark flying, it was a ton of fun. 

Then while handing out diplomas, each kid put a strand of mardi gras beads, or a lei, or a pair of sunglasses on the principal. He was a good sport.
Of course I snapped the pic of Abby putting the beads on and then the flash wasn't ready the next second for her diploma! Sorry Abby, for the crappy pic!

So after 200 something kids, the poor principal (who, by the way, for all you WPers is Mr Garrick's son) could barely see. It was pretty fun, you can tell the kids liked him.

Most of the after grad pics are pretty terrible too. It was pitch black outside and the flash is so icky! So I'll spare everyone the horror!

We love to take time for a hike while in the mountains, but it was raining the whole time and we were pretty busy, but we did take time to walk around the Garden of the Gods a little bit. It's so beautiful. Did I mention I love Colorado?! For those UT peeps we live up in the mountains in the background. B-E-A-utiful!

Uncle Kurt is so fun!

I felt like a tourist! Everyone has to have one of these pictures though.
Evey can lift it with one finger....Lex on the other hand had a little bit harder time!

Fun Family Pic!
When we got home our bestest friends were waiting for us. Danny ordained Jon to the Melchizedek priesthood, which was so special! Danny has been the main priesthood holder for our family for many years! So, it was awesome for him to be able to pass his authority to Jon. Of course, I didn't get a picture of them together. Boo!

We did go camping though, our favorite past time with the Hinckleys!

The perfect Smreeses!

Evey caught a little lizard. The kids had fun touching it.

"Bye, friend! See you next time! Come live near us again soon!!"

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Jessica Munk said...

How did you find out about the baseball thing for lex? Man I am so out of the loop. You'll have to let me know of other team sports for his age.
Congrats on your first semester! How did it go?
Where did you go camping? Looks nice and quiet and pretty. And Sm'reeses!! Oh My! I will have to try that. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!