Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day

Ugh! I get so behind on posting. The first day of school was on the 19th. We of course had our chain counting down days, and the girls have been so excited. Unfortunately the school district decided to have the kindergartners start a whole week later than everybody else, so it threw off our chain. Luckily I scheduled Paris' kindergarten assessment for first thing on the 19th so she just got ready for school and went too, just like it was the first day, then we made sure to mark the day on the chain so she could start a new count down. Anyway, Here's the girls supplies and backpacks.

They are so cute together! They had fun picking out outfits and getting all ready.

Lex had to join in on the picture taking. He really wants to go to school too, but he has to wait 2 years!! Unless I can convince the district to let him go in early, he misses the deadline by 8 days! He'll be ready next year for sure! Some think we should go ahead and keep him back for the extra year so he's the oldest and biggest in his class, but really look at the kid, he's gonna be "smalls" anyway! He'll have to be like, I don't know, quarterback or point guard, you know the smaller positions, but the best I might add!!! Jon's thought is we'd rather him be the last to drive in his class rather than the first! (Sigh) We'll see.

Miss Beauty is getting so big and turning into such a little lady!

Glamor girl loves to doll it up! Can you see the TWO spaces on the bottom row of teeth? She's pretty proud.

Love the wrinkly shirt!! Way to go mommy!

Evey has been biking with her good friend, but they both have sisters going into kindergarten, one in morning and one in afternoon, so it messes up their biking schedule. They will either have to walk with their sisters or come up with some genius plan to teleport them so they can continue to ride. Just another thing we'll have to figure out as time goes on. 

Paris choose to scoot since mommy was coming to school with her.

This is Evey's biking buddy, I thought I'd get their faces rather than their behinds as they were riding.

Paris is proud of her classroom and her name on a flower in the hall.

Both of the girls love their teachers. Paris did really well on her assessment, the teacher was impressed and said her score was high for just starting kindergarten. What can I say, I have smarty pants children! I also signed up to be her class mom, something I vowed to do only for kindergarten for each kid. Of course Jon tried to talk me out of it, what with us both going to school full-time, and a baby on the way, but you know me I love to push myself and have a good challenge! Paris gets to start for real tomorrow the 26th. Yay, one more sleep! We had Evey's first SEP (parent teacher conference) to set some goals for the year. I love her teacher!! So does Evey, I think she will have a good year and will be able to do work at her own level, and won't be bored! A first since 1st grade in New York!
Good luck girls we are so proud of you!

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TheAndFam said...

That's really awesome Amy! I can't wait for the school year to start for Ryan on Monday. I hope the girls have fun this year.