Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lex has been counting down the sleeps to his birthday for sometime now. He's been so excited to tell people his birthday is, "nine, nine, o nine" Well the day finally came. He woke up bright and early..."mommy, it's my birfday!" He's just too cute. Daddy made him a yummy breakfast with his favorite, bacon. Then he quickly opened his presents before the girls were off to school. He loves to play the Wii and ceases to amaze us with how coordinated he is and how quickly he can pick up problem solving. He has loved playing Lego Indiana Jones (he even wants to be Indy for Halloween) and so asked for Lego Batman for his birthday.

He got a new outfit from Grammy, some new church clothes, a cool watch, his white tie that he has been asking for, and a new DS with a nice case to keep it safe. Spoiled much?... I think so!

Oh yes and a scooter. He has a bike, but both girls have scooters and he always feels left out when they decide to ride those instead of their bikes.

He got a hair cut and we got him dressed in his new clothes for a birthday photo shoot. He's so dang cute with his little chicken legs, he reminded me of Risky Business, so I had to snap a pic!
We took these pictures in about 5 minutes on the way to his soccer game. He's so willing to pose and a natural too if I do say so myself!
I had put my camera down and was ready to go when I look up and he has put his foot up like this all perfect. No prompting what-so-ever! Love it!! Had to snap a few more.
He missed the "real" soccer cut off by a few days, so had to settle for Start Smart again this season. He still enjoys it, but really wants to play the game so he can score some goals!

Jon was running to pick-up his new ipod touch from FedEx (since I missed them at the house) and so in order for me to get pictures, Evey stepped in as Lex's parent and helped him. They were pretty cute together.
Totally in to it! He has a wicked kick too! And amazing ball control, his coordination shows in sports as well.
A little competition. They had a little scrimmage after the practice Lex and this guy would get it out of the pack and run it in for goals. Too bad that guy was on the other team, but scored goals for Lex's team. They were so fast none of the other kids even knew where the ball was before they had it in the goal. It will be so fun to watch him as he gets in older divisions of sports. He can't wait for football. Flag doesn't start until first grade, ugh, that's a long way away!
After Lex's "game" we had to book it across town to Evey's soccer game. I didn't take pics of her today and haven't yet mainly because I enjoy yelling to the girls on the field. I'm sure some of the other parents hate hearing me all the time, but really I could care less, I should have coached again this season. I suppose I'll do it (if I can swing it with a baby) next season, unless we can get her on a competitive team. She is so awesome to watch! She's a great mid-fielder. And she always knows what's going on, that's my girl!! Anyway, back to the birthday boy. 

After Evey's game we went to check out the new pizza place, Pirate Island Pizza. Great themed restaurant, not so awesome food. At Evey's game Paris and Lex and a plethora ("jeffe what is a plethora?" "why el Guapo?")....random movie quote.....okay a slew of younger siblings played in the lovely red dirt of a baseball diamond. My children were red from head to toe. We met Kurt there and he had a good laugh at how they looked. Painted I think is the word he used. We had to clean them up in the bathroom before sitting down at the table.
We had a good time. Our serving wench was nice and they all sang to Lex and gave him some ice cream. Then we played in the arcade. Air hockey is Lex's favorite. He's pretty good for hardly being able to see over the table. As we were leaving the girls had fun posing and acting like pirates in front of the pirate ship. Funny girls.
Jon had an elaborate plan for Lex's cake, but it didn't get made before all the craziness of the day so when we came home we threw it together really fast and it didn't turn out as planned. It was supposed to look like an erupting volcano with super heroes battling all around. What can I say, it was 10:00 when we got home and the girls had to get to bed, and Lex was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. I'm pretty sure we ran him ragged for his birthday, but I think he had a pretty good day.

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TheAndFam said...

Yay for Lex!! Happy Birthday!! I absolutely love those pictures you took of him... especially the one with his mouth wide open. That's my favorite!!

Jessica Munk said...

Zac LOVES bacon too!! Those are great shots you got of him too!! What a cutie!! Love the quote in there: Three Amigos-Classic!