Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This week both Paris and Lex scored their first goals in soccer.

Paris is super fast and generally beats all the other kids to the
goal, so this time it was perfect and it was passed right to her
and she kicked it right in. She was so excited! This was one of
only a couple games Jon missed, he was pretty upset. And of
course I didn't have the video cam, Argh! So we treated
everyone to Coldstone. She only has one game left, only one
more for me to get a video of her scoring. She's pretty
confident now hopefully she can do it again.

At Lex's Start Smart they run drills for about 30 minutes and
then have a little scrimmage. They had been playing all the
kids at once which was a huge mess, no one could do anything
and kids would get trampled. So they finally split up the kids
in to 3 different scrimmages last week. Lex is pretty good, he
and one other kid would get the ball from the group and run
it down to the goal, unfortunately Lex was never the last to
kick before it went in the goal. Well having seen his sister
score and knowing we would go out for ice cream if he scored,
he didn't let anyone stop him. He ended up with 2 goals and a
couple assists. He was so excited. He chose Baskin Robbins. I
of course didn't have to video cam again, and on Saturday, the
last "game",I brought the cam, but they didn't do the scrimmage
so they could pass out certificates and medals. I guess we'll have
to wait until next season to get him on video.

Evey really wanted to score a goal at her game too, unfortunately
it's much harder at her level. She is awesome to watch though. Her
coach mainly plays her as a mid-fielder, because she is so good at
out running others to help on both defence and offence and she is
super aggressive too. Her team can count on her to challenge the
other team and generally win the ball. But, she is rarely close
enough to the goal to score, she sends it to the forwards for that.
So it is my goal to have the cam at her last game this coming week
and maybe she'll be able to get one in.

On a different note, but still bragging of course, we received a letter
recently from the district informing us that Evey had such high
scores on her science scores on her Iowa Test of Basic Skills that she
will be in a few different gifted and talented programs. She is taken
out of school once a month for an entire day to go to an advanced
school for science focused curriculum. We had the option to send her
to this advanced school for regular school, but chose not to because
she loves being social and we would rather her be more well rounded,
than be a unsocial genius. On Friday we got another letter from the
district telling us that her math scores were so high they will be taking
her out of class once a week for gifted and talented and Math Olympiad.
I'm half expecting even another letter soon about her reading scores,
since that is her best subject. We're super proud and are so glad they
have finally gotten such a good gifted and talented program. We've been
waiting since moving back from New York, for the district to get it's act

On Friday when dropping Jon off at school there was a hot air balloon
floating around town. On the way home we saw that it had landed and
so we went and found it and got to snap some pics (with my point and
shoot cam, barf!) Then we got to see it take off again, it was pretty cool.
And they waived at Lex, how fun!

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