Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

We found out Thursday that we will be
welcoming another little girl into our family.
Paris and Evey are pretty excited, Lex hasn't
really shown an emotion, but I'm sure he'll
love his new sister when he meets her.

She has all her parts and no
problems that they could see. She
was moving around the whole time
and posed nicely for the nurse to tell
she was a girl. She's so cute, I can't
wait to meet her. She is quite a
wiggler, I think she and Paris will get
along great. We have some names in
mind but are pretty stingy when it
comes to sharing names, we would
like them to stay as uncommon as
possible. Anyway, we probably won't
make our decision until we see her.

I am finally feeling better. But still lost
another 3lbs. making the running count
-23.5 so far. I guess I did have more to
spare this time! They did however, keep
to the due date this time, a first!! So I
guess we'll expect to see her around
January 23. I will be keeping myself
busy with making girly things and
buying new baby stuff for the next 4 or
so months.
Jon is pretty excited for another girl,
he loves his baby girls! Not that he
doesn't love his boy, there's just
something about a daddy and his
daughters! He was so excited he went
and bought a new computer. I'm
kidding, we had been planning for this
for a while, but he got a new iPod
touch for free with it, so he's pretty
excited about the whole deal. I can't
complain it is beautiful and quite
awesome (both the compute and the
touch!) He's actually selling the iPod
he got, a 2nd generation 32GB on ebay
and buying the new 3rd gen 64GB.
Spoiled! But if anyone is interested,
it's on ebay until next Saturday.
(shameless plug!)

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TheAndFam said...

Yay!! Another girl!! You are so lucky to get all your beautiful girls! Have you picked out a name?!

Jessica Munk said...

Congrats!!! And ooo Pretty computer!!