Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little Red Preview

Evey had a Halloween party to go to tonight

so we had to make sure we got her costume together.
She is Little Red Riding Hood partially read out of
the book. If this makes no sense to you, let me explain....
"no there is too much, let me sum up, Prince Humperdink..."
Sorry random movie quote. Anyway, we are reading Inkheart
right now.
It'a a great book and a pretty good movie (you should check it out!!)
In the book the main character is able to "read" characters
out of the books and bring them into our world. Others
have this talent also, but some not so good. One guy can
read characters out of the book, but they come out with
some of the pages printed on their faces, They are partially
read out, hence Evey's costume.

This was good for me to get at least one costume done and
out of the way early. Whew only two more to go. This one
wasn't too difficult either. Just a hood, done in a few hours!

So here's the finished product and a little Halloween preview.
She wanted to get to her party and so wasn't totally in the
mood to take pictures, but she posed for a few, just to humor
me. What a sweetheart. We'll have to take and post more later.

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Jessica Munk said...

Love this! So creative and fun!