Friday, October 30, 2009

This is Halloween...

Well, now that Halloween is over, I have a

little bit of breathing time before the next
holiday. I'm not complaining though I love
being busy and especially for holidays. So
to catch up on all of this month's festivities...

We of course had to visit the pumpkin patch
on Thursday 10/22. I've heard and seen that
there are a ton of these all over the place, but
since this is the one we've gone to for at least
4 years now, we had to stick to tradition. The
bunnies are the kids favorite and they always
want one when we see them. I think they're
wearing Jon down. I'm not sure I want that
sort of commitment! Even thought they are
just soooo cute and friendly this year.
Especially the long-haired lion looking one.

Another traditional picture, cheezey as it may be.

I've decided that all the pictures are the same
over the years, but it would be fun to look
back (sorry Jessica, stole your idea) So this is
2005, Lex was snuggled somewhere as a little
6 week old. We may have gone the year before,
but I couldn't find a digital file for it, I might
have sill been using a film cam. Actually I know
I was still using a film SLR for all of these past
ones with better pics than lovely point and shoot,
but I'm just not going to take the time to dig out
the prints right now. So any way Evey was 5 here
and Paris was 1 1/2.

This is at a New York pumpkin patch. 2006



And here is this year again. It's fun to see the growth of everyone.


Evey makes fun of me for taking this picture, but I thought
a lot of my fellow Twilight lovers would get a kick out of it.

Paris found little friend that she was playing with on the
slides. As I was watching them I saw another boy ask her
if she would like to go down with him. Kinda funny, I
guess it's already starting!! We are in TROUBLE!! She
has a certain way she batts her big, long eyelashes at boys,
even my bro and uncles. She's a funny girl.


The pumpkin choices.

I had Evey's costume done in time, but of course I waited
until the last minute to finish Paris'. So I stayed up Friday
night (10/23) working on it. I had to have a little bit of
sugar fuel!

Once the costume was done it was pretty easy getting it
on and off. But the hair and make-up took a while!
(full body pics later in post)

I was asked to take pictures of everyone at our ward party
Saturday (10/24). They set up a pretty cute little scene! I
won't post all of those though. We will be printing them
at costco sometime this week, and they will hopefully get
to everyone next Sunday. If I took multiples of your kids
or family, we are only printing one of each kid/fam, so I
will try to email you the others soon. Anyway, here's two
cuties, oh wait those are mine!

We carved pumpkins a whole week in advance (10/25)!!
We're pretty proud. Okay only the kids got theirs done but
it was one more thing out of the way.

It was slow going for Lex, one seed at a time

Finished product.

We also did cookies in advance. I had a little too much fun
with the flour. But, here's my first belly pic. It's Paris' little
hand print.

Paris got a little excited with the sprinkles. It looks painful
to eat. She seemed to like it though.

Yeah, Lex had a little much too. But they had fun, and that's
what counts, right?!

Evey's creations.

Paris went out and collected a bunch of huge leaves.

They look a little bit like pom-poms. GO FALL!!

I was commenting to Jon how the whole costume thing is
more for the events leading up to Halloween rather than
the actual trick-or-treating. We did Evey's make-up at
least 6 times (friend party, ward party, 2 dance parties
on different days, father-daughter party, school, and
trick-or-treat) and Paris' at least 4 (ward party, dance,
school, and trick-or-treat). Oui! I'm glad it's over now,
it took so much time! They each had Parties in their dance
classes (10/26,27,29). I decided we didn't need pics this year.
But I should have taken the video cam. They learned the
Thriller dance. An easy version for Paris, but in Evey's jazz
class it was SO good. I might just have to have her do it so
I can show everyone!

On Thursday (10/29) I took Lex to the Library Halloween
Parade so he could dress in his costume another time too.
Forgot the cam!

Also on Thursday the Activity days girls had a daddy-daughter
activity. Jon has class on Thursday nights and so we asked
Kurt if he would take evey. He was a great sport and was happy
to take her. Well, Thursday rolled around and I was getting
Evey's costume on and a pumpkin scooped out for the carving
contest, Jon decided he would go ahead and skip class again.
Way too many times!! Oh well. So Kurt didn't have to go after
all. He's just too sweet about the whole thing! Well, this meant
we had to find Jon a costume in the 30 minutes before it started.
He has a Jedi costume I made him years ago, but decided not to
do that again. So he used to cloak and quick painted a board and
was a self-wacking monk from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
He said not many people recognized what he was, but the few that
did got a pretty big kick out of it. Evey just happened to have a
hood too. Funnies!

Then Friday (10/30)we had the school costume parade. I helped
with Paris' class. The kids were pretty cute, a lot of super original
costumes. This is Mrs. Sarkady's morning and afternoon
kindergartens. Paris is hiding in there somewhere. During the
parade Lex got a lot of attention for his Indy costume, all the
elementary boys loved it and wanted to give him five, it was
pretty cute. No pics!

After the Parade I took them all to take good pics in their
costumes. It was freezing!! Indy fell asleep in the car, lucky him!

This was actually on Thursday before Paris Dance. We had
to find somewhere that looked a little bit like a garden for
my butterfly to be.

Saturday morning I got up and made the jacket to complete
Lex's costume. Then we had to go take good pics of him. There
were tons of ladybugs and other insects all over the rock and
trees near us. Lex has a little green something on him if you
look close in this pic.

Ah, the things we do for pictures! Evey is wrapping the whip
around a branch, because none of us are a s cool as Harrison
Ford to whip it around just by cracking the whip!

Lex grabbed a hold of that thing and took off! Luckily daddy
was there to catch him!! He about scared the baby outta me!

Had to get a back lit pic for ...

His movie poster!

So, I generally put so much time and effort in to the kids
and their costumes, I never get to make one of my own
(not that that bothers me). Oh well I'm just glad they get
so much use. It would be a bummer to spend all that time
and they only wear the costumes trick-or-treating. Anyway,
we decided to do some super last minute second hand
shopping, so I could be Juno. It fit. I wanted to do this for the
ward party and make Jon be the guy on the movie, but he
didn't like the thought of wearing short shorts and sweat bands.
Would have been funny though, tall blond guy, short prego brunette.

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TheAndFam said...

Man Amy! You are extraordinarily incredible!! I loved reading the whole post and couldn't wait to see more pictures! I laughed out loud at Lex's poster you made! That is hilarious! You are so awesome at photography!! I need you to take pics of my boys around Christmas time... that is if you're up for it!

Buell Fam said...

I can't believe you made Lex's jacket also. It's awesome. You are seriously talented. They all looked so cute.

I felt bad because I didn't know Evey right off. There were so many vampires this year that I just assumed she was that. But, the cape definitely looks like Little Red Riding hood.