Sunday, December 20, 2009

4 inches

Abby is currently in hair design school and so has been
treating us all to hair cuts. I got to be her model for both
a cut and color. I love it. Jon and Lex got to be her models
for male cuts and we figured she might as well just do the
whole family. Except Evey, she's letting hers grow a little
more. Paris' hair was getting so long, we love it that way,
but there's a certain length that is just too long.

We decided to take off about 4 or so inches. We could
have done the 10 for Locks of Love, but neither Paris nor
I were ready to go that short yet.

Evey likes to make fun of me because I take pictures of
everything. Who wants to see a pair of scissors?!?!? I DO! ...

All finished. Still really long, but a little more manageable
and nice and healthy!

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