Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Giant Leap... (11/7)

Raking leaves is a favorite fall family tradition. We miss
the leaves from New York, there were so many and they
were so moist. All the leaves here are dried and crackly.
We actually have quite a few trees at our house, but
because they're so dry the pile reduces itself really quick.
Last year we played in Kurt's leaves. He has two huge trees
in his yard that drop a ton of leaves. This year we decided
to use Kurt's leaves again. When we got there his entire
yard was covered with leaves. Paris and Lex jumped out
of the car and went to work raking them into a pile.

With Daddy and Kurt's help the pile was super tall.
Up to Jon chest, pretty impressive!

Kurt got the first jump because it's his yard and he'd been
raking the leaves for a week or so keeping them in his
yard for us to come play.

When the kids would land in the pile they completely
disappeared! Jon would have to fish them out because
even standing they couldn't see out of the leaves.

Kurt had an extra desk in the garage, so they pulled it out
to use as a diving board. Evey was practicing her flips.

Abby Showed off her awesome back flip.

Lex had to try too.

Lex had two ways out of the pile, the daddy way...

or the Lex way, swimming through and then rolling out.

Here's the down side to dry crackly leaves and jumping into a pile deeper than you.

They had to get in a few daddy throws, apparently it tickles your tummy

Lex didn't seem to have the same problem that Paris had,
but when he was laughing when Daddy threw him, this happened.

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TheAndFam said...

Hahahahahaha! I laughed so hard at Paris and getting those leaves stuck! That looked like total fun!!