Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deck the Halls

We're pretty sad that we haven't gotten to go cut our
own tree the past few years, But we end up with a really
nice full tree from a lot. It's hard to find a nice full tree
in the cutting zones here in Utah.
We all agreed on this one pretty quick, at the first lot!
Usually we have to shop around at a few different lots to
find the perfect one.

It is the perfect size and fullness, and it smells great!

The kids love to decorate the tree, and they are getting
so good at it. I just sat back and watched this year!

Everyone has to have a turn putting the star on the tree,
mainly for my sake, so I can get pictures. Jon is usually
the last to adjust it and plug it in.

It took me a while to get the housr completely
decorated, I was just so busy, and at night when kids
were in bed and I didn't have home work, I'd just pass
out on the couch, so It took me about a week after
Thanksgiving to get it all up. Kinda sad! But it all
turned out beautifully and I love it.

We did get an ornament this year at the TSO concert,
but because we went to the early show, they didn't have
their usual signing afterward. They did do it after the
late show though and Jon's boss happened to be at that
show, so we gave him our ornament and he had it signed
for us. Thanks Leo!!

We're one stocking short. I still haven't finished Lex's
and with everything going on it's hard to find time to
sit down and cross stitch! I think I'm going to put it
together unfinished so he can use it, then I'll finish it
later. Of course I will then have to start another one for
this baby.

I just love the lights reflected in the guitar!

What tree is complete without Yoda?! This is our
compromise; I get white lights and he gets Star Wars
ornaments, it works.

Okay this is more a picture of the pretty snow outside
than anything. I love to sit in the dark with just
Christmas lights on and look at the freshly fallen snow

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