Monday, December 21, 2009

Give Thanks

We love our new tradition of being the host house
for Thanksgiving. It's been a lot of fun these past
two years. We ended up with 13 people this year,
we're hoping for more next year, we missed some
of you!

Never ending snacking and eating all day!


Evey's spiral is lookin' pretty good.

I love this pic, everyone is having so much fun.

Dad in Sambas!! Hard to believe!

Some brotherly competition.

The little ones love to play too. Hand off to Paris. Not sure
why Lex isn't in any pictures he was out there playin' too.

We had a lot of fun just hanging out together.

Lex got everybody to play Tap Tap Revenge on the iPod touch,
even Grandmommy!!

And Terry, He made sure he beat everyone. He's amazing at it.
It's like Guitar Hero where you hit the buttons on beat, but two
people can play at the same time, on either end of the iPod. He
really has great hand eye coordination, and rhythm.

Apparently there was no room on any couches!

I actually got out of a lot of cooking.
Mom and Terry pretty much took over the kitchen. Thanks so
much ladies, it wouldn't have been near as wonderful with out you!
And thank you to 2 of my neighbors for letting us use their ovens
for extra space, everything came out perfectly and all hot at the
same time! I don't know what we would have done, with out that
extra space. 3 ovens for 13 people, maybe I shouldn't have more
people over....I'll run out of neighbors!!!

Dad wanted to record a music video with al of us, since
we pretty much all play an instrument or sing. So he
brought all of his equipment, amps mics, his big trap set,
the works. We didn't get to record it after all, we just
didn't have time, but we did have a few "jam" sessions.
Kami shocked us all with her new guitar skills and we
hadn't heard her sing in forever, so this was amazing.
Kurt recorded her later she sounds great!
This won't down load automatically. If you click the link
you can listen to it and download it if you want to.

Jason and his little princess!

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